Workshop: SCAN‘s members/partners meeting

(CDC) – On Afternoon 09 / 12/2014 at DAKRUCO hotel, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, Community Development Centre (CDC) held a workshop: the 4th SCAN members / partners meeting in the framework project "Capacity Strengthening On Sustainable Coffee Production" carried out by SCAN, sponsor :SECO

Participants include: Mr Phan Huy Thông – Doctor. Director of National Extension Center.  Mr Hoàng Thanh Tiệm – Deputy Director of National Extension Center. Mr Nguyễn Văn Lạng – Chairman of Vietnam Information Science Technology Asociation. Mr Nguyễn Văn Hòa – Deputy Director of Department of Crop and Planting in Southern Vietnam. Mr Nguyễn Từ Hải – Deputy Manager - Department of Crop and Planting . Mr Huỳnh Quốc Thích – Vice Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Daklak. Mr TS Trương Hồng- Deputy Director of the Institute of Highlands Science and Technology of Agriculture and Forestry (WASI). Mr Nguyễn Văn Nam- Vice Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry - Tay Nguyen University. Mr Đỗ Ngọc Sỹ - Responsible  for Sustainable Coffee program in Asia – International Mondelez / Taloca . Presentatives of NGOs; SNV, UTZ ,4C…, DAKLAK farmers association. Leading coffee companies; MONDELEZ, DAK MAN, NEDCOFFEE…and relating partners

The project "Capacity Strengthening On Sustainable Coffee Production" of SCAN is funded by SECO is a project to improve the livelihoods of producers, workers and communities in rural areas of developing countries by promoting sustainable farming, doing business more effectively in sustainable markets to developing countries.

Mr Bach Thanh Tuan – Director of CDC, Coodinatior of SCAN project, presenting at workshop

At the meeting, Mr. Bach Thanh Tuan - Director of the Center for Community Development, Project Coordinator - introduced the operational status of the project as well as the published the training materials on "Sustainable Coffee production "and introduced the “ Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development”

Mr  Nguyễn Thanh Tâm – Deputy Director of CDC presenting at work

Workshop participants
Receiving the Consensus between the SCAN organization and its Vietnamese partners ; Ministry of Agriculture, National Agricultural Extension Center ... and the foreign partners; Solidaridad, SECO ... A non-commercial ,practical, detailed training material help applying science and technology to coffee cultivation of sustainable development, has been developed for the training of  Who: materials for Trainers and training material for Producers, flipchart system, included 06 flexible, easily accessible, clreality modules:
Part 1: New Planting, Replanting (recultivation) and Caring techniques of a coffee plantation
Part 2: Fertilizer for Mature Coffee.
Part 3: Watering for Mature Coffee.
Part 4: Pruning and Creating a Canopy for Robusta Coffee.
Part 5:Pests, Diseases and Contraol Measures for Coffee Trees.
Part 6: Coffee harvesting, Processig and Storage.
Summary, workshop members appreciated the science of training material, which help communities of coffee production towards sustainable economic and social environment. The beneficiaries will be trained or download it free from the portal of the Community Development Centre (CDC). Project will organize training courses for 1500 coffee farmers in areas of 05 Highland Provinces through 30 training classes and 16 mobile information desk. Project will also be introduced and implemented in Coffee Festival 2015. The project will last until May 03/21016.
Mr. Phan Huy Thông – Doctor, Director of National Extension Center

Mr Trương Hồng – Deputy Director of the Institute of Highlands Science and Technology of  Agriculture and Forestry (WASI)
The workshop has received many comments and positive feedback from the participants. With Credo "Connecting Knowledge, Serving Community" .The Community Development Center would like to thank all of you the SCAN members / partners in Vietnam supported and accompanied with CDC  in project: “Capacity Strengthening On Sustainable Coffee Production” for the purpose: “Together  Giving Hands Towards Prosperity For Community".

Workshop participants

Workshop participants
Community Development Center ( CDC)

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