Coffee flowers early bloom, farmers worried

(CDC) - Thousands of coffee farmers in the northern highlands are worried because coffee flowers bloom early before harvesting, leading to the risk of crop failure.

Coffee is not collected but flowers have bloomed, thousands of farmers worried
 Due to the impact of the storm, in the last few days, there was rainfall in northern highlands, leading to the weather is erratic movements compared with previous years. Normally,there is very litte rain or it is end time of rainy season in the Central Highlands in this time. And recent rains have made thousands of coffee farmers worried. The whole area is urgently harvest ripe coffee. Farmers prepare all manpower and yard to pick and dry coffee.... After harvesting, farmers will conduct pruning and watering preparation, then coffee will bloom simultaneously.
But this year, with only a small rains, all cofee flowers bloomed simultaneously. Mr. Nguyen Van Hong, a farmer in Dak SMEI, H.Dak Doa (Gia Lai) anxiety: "My house has more than 2 hectares of coffee. I hired a dozen workers to harvest. The rain come suddently,So  whole my coffee garden sprung . So we have to stop the picking work. These days I am so sad when looking the ripe coffee Only more weeks of not picking the fruit will fall, then just picking up seeds. " 
Currently the coffee garden in the region has sprung flower simultaneously, making thousands of coffee farmers worried. With an area of 100,000 ha, the northern highlands are large areas of the coffee-growing in country. According to estimates, about 1/3 of coffee in this region is not collected. With erratic weather this year, compared to the past few days, the rainfall is not enough for coffee to bloom fully. Therefore, farmers like sitting on the fire, just waiting for coffee wilting, then will promptly harvest and water for  coffee, if not next year will reduce the yield..
There are also many farmers choose to pick coffee though the flowwer still bloom. Nguyen Thi Hoang in Ia Grai district said: "My 1ha Coffee Garden is full of white flowers, but I still picked, accepting to miss this flower." According to many experieced coffee farmers, if coffee flower bloom in heavy rain will lead to a higher non- fruiting. And with this unexpected weather as the final months of this year in the Central Highlands, do not know what will happen, farmers could only entrust to heaven.
Talking to the Youth Reporter, Dr. Ton Nu Tuan Nam- officer of Institute of Highland agro-forestry techniques said: "The rain like that will definitely affect to productivity. Farmers need to stop picking when flowers are blooming. In my opinion, it should not water because if watering now, farmers must constantly watering, watering once every 30 days until the rainy season. And the coffee was harvested in several years, according to our survey the flowers have not bloomed yet, just around 15%. Farmers keep irrigating like the previous year. For the new coffee garden begin to pick for first time that flower sprang may irrigate but should irrigate one time of 30 days to have high yield ... ".

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