Gia Lai: Farmers have confused with fake fertilizer.

Recently, taking advantage of the lack of information of the people, the greed of agents, the poor quality fertilizer has crept into every village in Gia Lai, affecting production efficiency and pressing for farmers.

As usually, in the end of the rainy season, Nguyen Van Bay at Phu Tien village,La Bă commune, Grai district comes to the largest agricultural supplied dealer of commune to buy fertilizer for more than 2 hectares of coffee and 200 pepper columns.
Insoluble in water Ure-Silic of Thien Ngưu Ltd having nearly 70% shortfall of Taurus phosphorus compared to the registration on the packaging.
The dealer introduced Mr Bẩy Ure- Silic fertilizer of Thiên Ngưu Ltd.,Co for trial using. He used part of these to spread around the coffee tree, but far more than 3 months, from time to time of watering and hoeing, the black seeds of fertilizer remained as gravel. He tried to mix this fertilizer into water, there was just only half melted. The half remain precipitated adhesive plaques, such as clay.
Nguyen Van Bay said: "Normally, if spreading fertilizer directly to the tree, I would be hard to detect. But, since it was sunny that day, I had to mix the fertilizer into water for irrigation. After 10 to 15 minutes, I saw it standing at the bottom of this plastics. 2.5 kgs would have 1kg of plasticity ".
Fake fertilization, after 3 months, remained particles classified as gravel.
Also believing to buy new fertilizer, introduced by dealers, Le Duc Thien from Phu Tien village, La Bă commune discovered that all are fake when the entire  of 2 hectares of coffee having  malnutrition and decreasing seriously productivity.
From the annual revenue of 8 tons of bean, this is just only 2 tons. Recently, his family had to spend tens of millions VND to buy manure, microbiological fertililer and other types of single fertilizer to save the trees after a heavy  malnutrition.
Mr. Thiện said: "The roots of coffee fell, die, black, yellow leaves, bare branches only due to malnutrition. In order to overcome the consequences, I have to use manure, good quality fertilizer".
 Located in the town center La Bă commune, each year, dealers Luyn Linh sell thousand tons of various kinds of inorganic fertilizers for farmers in the commune. However, when Ure- silic fertilizer has been sold by this dealers were found to have phosphorus content was only 30% and registered phone number on the packaging is not true, ... Nguyen Hong Luyn , the fertilizer store owner said it was the fault of the market management Unit. The dealers just import the good due to have commitment from the companies about quality and reasonable price. Nguyen Hong Luyn said: "The poor quality or quality assurance are business of related agencies”. The quality of good based on the companies′ commitment. We are sellers, just base on the standards to import, and sell to farmers. As this situation, we loss of reputation, so I returned the goods to the company. "
Currently, Gia Lai has 15 fertilizer factories and more than 300 stores, dealers sell this item. According to Nguyen Duy Loc, Head of Industrial Administration, Department of Trade of Gia Lai province, the reason of fake fertilizer trading on market is that dealers do Business Frau. Mr. Duy Loc said: "Some facilities, especially small businesses in rural areas take advantage of the lack of information of people to sell fake goods, shoddy quality goods or unknown original good to the consumer, causing damage to the agricultural sector in the province. With the role of State Management, the Department of Trade directed Market management Unit to establish the inspecting team to examine producing facilities and fertilizers & plant protection products businesses. Recently, the authorities have in the fierce and implement measures to combat and prevent ".
Mr Nguyễn Duy Lộc also said that even Department of Trade made action, but it has not prevented fake and shoddy fertilizers.
The reason is that the handling of Decree 163/2013 of the Government is not enough deterrent. Whether finding out the poor quality fertilizer, the most "strong hand" treatment is only that require company withdrawal good, committed to sell quality goods. This led to the fears of money lost, disabilities bring of farmers has not known whenever end. 
Source:VOV – Tây Nguyên

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