Letter for organizations/ customers/ partners

Dear: Organizations/ Customers/ Partners. Community Development Center (CDC) sincerely informs all Organizations/Customers/ Partners, on September 21st 2013, at Đam San Hotel – Buôn Ma Thuột City – Dak Lak Province, Community Development Center (CDC) solemnly held the Ceremony of Introduction “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development”.

Attending the Ceremony there have been the presences of :
Mr. Trần Việt Hùng – Vice Chairman of the Central Highlands Steering Committee;
Mr. Trần Văn Tùng – Vice Minister of Science and Technology;
Mr. Đinh Văn Khiết – Vice Chairman of Daklak Provincial People’s Committee;
Mr. Nguyễn Văn Lạng – Former Vice Minister of Science and Technology;
The Representatives of the provinces: Lâm Đồng, Gia Lai, Kon Tum , DakNong.
Mr. Nguyễn Văn Hòa – Vice Director of Crop Production – MARD;
The Central Extenion Center, and Extension Centers of Provinces: Dak lak, Lâm Đồng, Gia Lai, Kon Tum , DakNong.
Mr. Lê Văn Đức – Chief of Department of Industrial and Fruit Crops,
The representatives of the domestic and foreign organizations: Danida, GCF, Solidaridad, Acion Aid, UN Habitat, Mars,
Bureau of Accreditation – VICAS; Vietnam Productivity Centre – PVC
The voluntary sustainbale organizations in Vietnam: the representatives of UTZ Certified, 4C, Rainforest Alliance.
Universities and Institutes: Tây Nguyên University, Agro-Forestry University - HCMC, The Policy Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development, The Central Highlands Biology and Environment Institute, WASI, The Central Highlands Soil and Fertilizer Institute.
The leading experts in different industries are members in Consultant Board of “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development”.
The representatives of domestic and foreign corporations/ companies:Nestle, Dak Man, Cargill, Walter Matter, Grouop Sobex, Sucre Export, Neumann, Noble Coffee, Armajaro, Ned Coffee, Olam, TaLoca, Ecom,Touton, Louis Dreyfus.
The companies of Intimex corporations: Mỹ Phước, Buôn Ma Thuột, Nha Trang, Dak Nông; Phúc Sinh JSC; Vietspice Company; Trung Nguyên JSC; Simexco Dak Lak; Thắng Lợi Coffee Company; Phước An Coffee Company; Anh Minh Company; VINACAFE Buôn Ma Thuột; Tráng Thụy Company; KoTam Company; Viết Hiền Company; Liên Phát Company; Tiến Phát Company; Hồng Nga Company; Hoa Trang Company; Gia Lai Coffee Company ; Đức Hòa Company; Hùng Hưng Company;….
The Media Agencies: VTV, VOV, DRT, VTC16 also come to cheer and post information.
There are about 300 guests to attend the event “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development”
With the motto “Connecting Knowledge, Serving Community”, Community Development Center (CDC) has connected with the sponsors Solidaridad; Danida; GCF, UTZ Certified, especially with the enthusiastic cooperation and support of the know-how team in Advisory Board and Consultant Board we have built successfully “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” and started operating in 03/2013 with only purpose:
“Towards the Prosperity for Community” voluntarily and non-profitably.
The Information Portal has received the consensus and support of The Central Highland Steering Committee, Local authorities in the Central Highlands provinces, Department of Crops and Plants – MARD, Central Extension Center, Extension Centers in localities, especially received the enthusiastic responding and cooperating of farmers..
“The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” is an interactive channel between the top experts and farmers aiming to meet the emergency demand of farmers in applying the scientific technical advances into management practices, producing crops such as coffee, cocoa and tea,…challenges and solutions on climate change, food hygiene safety; providing daily domestic and international market information of agricultural products.
The Information Portal has contributed to enhance awareness and methods in applying Vietnamese and international voluntary sustainable standards for farmers such as: Viet GAP, UTZ Certified, 4C, Rainforest Alliance.
Through this Information Portal, the farmers has received the methods to organize, connect, gather small farmer households into large farmers: voluntary groups, groups with the same hobby… these groups together interact and support for each other in producing, and sharing their experience to improve their lives.
Dear: Organizations/ Customers/ Partners.
Over 6 months in operation, “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” has received:
64,000 times of access to get knowledge of Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), as well as downloading freely documents (words, poster, video)….
4,000 questions which have been answered freely by the top experts regarding three crops: Coffee, cocoa and tea; the needs of nutrient of the crops; the appropriate nutrient solutions; techniques of growing, caring, processing, storing, pests prevention, good agriculture practices (GAP); or voluntary standards such as: VietGAP, 4C; UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance.
The Information Portal has interacted with farmers by the following methods:
ü Calling via the hot line: 0500 3573388
ü Sending questions via email: hotro@cdc.org.vn
ü On Saturday mornings: The experts will welcome and meet farmers at Community Development Center and answer directly for them.
In the future, “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” will continuously update information of issues regarding cultivating coffee, cocoa and tea; the voluntary sustainable standards such as: 4C, UTZ Certified, Rainforest. As well as this Portal also enlarges support scope for farmers into other crops like: pepper, rubber,… the program would like to implement the direct support activities at the localities and interact with famers on the fields.
Community Development Center and all members in Advisory Board and Consultant Board wish to receive the accompany and support on resources and budget from the domestic and international individuals, organizations, benefactors, sponsors in the program of taking the scientific technical advances to farmers.
We always wish to keep and develop the contents of “The Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” in order to make this Information Portal become the useful accompaniers for Farmers in sustainable agriculture development programs “Towards the Prosperity for Community”.
Best Regard!

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