CDC participates SCAN’s members and partners meeting

On November 19th 2013, Mr Bach Thanh Tuan, Director of CDC, participates SCAN’s members and partners meeting at Dam San hotel. The Delegate includes Mr Phan Huy Thong, Director of National Agricultural Extension Center, Mrs Nguyen Thi Thoa, Chief of Planting Department – National Agricultural Extension Center, the representative of international organizations in Vietnam such as 4C, UTZ Certified, Solidaridad, Fair Trade, international and domestic companies. The purpose of meeting shares and unites action plan SCAN activities is sponsored by SECO.

Mrs Le Hong Van, The representative of Solidaridad, project coordinator of SCAN

In the meeeting, SCAN proposes 4 main purpose of project “Capacity strengthening in sustainable production” (abbreviation “Information Portal”). One of 4 purpose supplies technique assisstant in sustainable production in order to maintaining and expanding activities of Information portal to support farmers. This purpose of the meeting is suitable with program “Information Portal Supports Sustainable Agriculture Development” that is implementing on CDC website. In addition, Mr Bach Thanh Tuan, Director of CDC, speeches to share achievement as well as process implementing program “Information Portal” that is sponsored and founded by Solidaridad and CDC

Mr Bach Thanh Tuan, Director of CDC, introduces “Information Portal”
Mr Bach Thanh Tuan, Director of CDC, said “The objective of “Information Portal” forwards prosperiy for community. So, “Information Portal” meets the demand of update information about progressive scientific in managing and processing sustainable agriculture, to create an useful channel for sharing knowledge, easy to approach community, to respond questions about agricultural cultivation”

The delegation discusses in the meeting

The beneficiaries of this program are farmers, medium and small enterpries, organizations do sustainble agriculture program. According “Information Portal”, farmers can share, update knowledge about technique scientific. Farmers can download free document on CDC website. Besides, CDC technical supporters, responds free of charge farmers’ questions in processing production of coffee, cocoa, tea. Farmers aldo check, update free of charge market price of agricultural production, agricultural materials.
“Information Portal” implements nearly 1 year, but it has some success such as 65,317 visitors access CDC website, 3.956 questions and answers are responded via phone number and email, 165 questions are uploaded on CDC website, 36 set documents (government policies, instruction of good agriculture practices (GAP)) are uploaded on CDC website, 08 video instruction document instruct cultivating in sustainable agriculture.

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