Workshop: Replanting and developing sustainable coffee

In the morning of 09/12/2014, at Dakruco hotel – Buon Ma Thuot city – Daklak province, a workshop “Replanting and Developing Sustainable Coffee in Highland” was held by National Extension Center and Deparment of Agriculture and Rural Develop in Daklak.

Participants include: Mr Phan Huy Thông – Doctor, Director of National Extension Center, Mr Nguyễn Văn Lạng – Chairman of Vietnam Information Science Technology Asociation, Mr Nguyễn Văn Hòa – Deputy Director of Department of Crop and Planting in Southern Vietnam, Mr Huỳnh Quốc Thích – Vice Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Daklak, The Delegates from Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , Provincial Extension in Highland and more than 150 Delegates from Organizations/ Companies operating in Coffee sector in Daklak. From the Community Development Center (CDC) there were Mr Bạch Thanh Tuấn – Director of CDC and Mr Nguyễn Thanh Tâm – Deputy Director of CDC participated
Workshop participants
At the workshop, the delegates presented the presentation and discuss the current status and some replanting solutions for coffee in coming time. As well as, representatives of some units also presented some results of operations in the coffee replanting programs sustainable coffee production programs, coffee production as UTZ / 4C standards at their own places.
Especially, in the framework of the activities of the coffee replanting program and sustainable coffee production, Mr Pham Van Tam - Technical Assistant of UTZ Certified Organization in Vietnam has shared some results in the framework project "sustainable coffee production adapt to climate change," the Organization of UTZ collaborating with some units to implement recently. This is also a hot issue that Vietnam‘s coffee industry and the world is facing.

The Farmer Nguyen Van Ngoan from 12 village, Eakur communes, Buon Ma Thuot City Dak Lak has shared the experience and success of the re-cultivation of the family, especially preparating land, carefully reviewing root and selecting the best varieties for replanting.
Speaking for Workshop Summary, Mr. Phan Huy Thong - Director of the National Extension appreciated the results that the units achieved in coffee replanting program and sustainable coffee production in West Highland in recently. On that basis, he suggested the unit should promote and transfer to expand this successful model to the community. Besides, he also confirmed that the producers have had advantages on farming techniques, farming diary record, use of materials, .... when implementating  sustainable coffee production  program more than before.
Mr Phan Huy Thông – Director of National Extension Center presenting at worshop
About Solution and implementation in the future, the delegates discussed and proposed some solutions:
- Reviewing and planning for coffee replanting
- Establishing standing unit directly guide replanting in the province
- Continue to survey, collect, construct the information data for replanting and grafting
- Technical training for people
- Identifying the structure coffee varities
- Strengthening capacity of baby coffee trees in local
Community Development Center CDC

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