CDC welcomes UTZ Certified delegation

On December 8th 2013, it is is very much for Community Development Center (CDC) to welcome UTZ Certified Delegation in CDC’s office. In this visiting there are the presence of Mr. Johaan de Groot – The Executive Director of UTZ Certified in Netherlands; Mrs. Juliette Hillier Caulklins – The Emerging Market Director; Miss. Britta Katharina Wyss Bisang – Standard Director; Mr. Hendrik Jacob Daan de Vries – The Market Director; Miss Sabine Trientje Willemijin Blerema – Public Fair; and Chief representative of UTZ Certified in Viet Nam Mr. Nguyen Van Thiet, Mr. Pham Van Tam – Technical Assistant UTZ Certified in Viet Nam. Especially, the attending of the Advisory Board of UTZ Certified all over the world: Mrs. Stefanie Miltenburg; Mr. Carlos Henrique Jorge Brando; Mrs. Paula Nimpuno; Mrs. Adriana Mejia Cuartas; Mr. Antonius Theodorus Christoffel van de Laan; and Mr. Hermanus Franciscus Pieter Cornelis Bavinck, they have much experience in trading, roasting, marketing…

UTZ Certified delegations visit CDC′s office
In the meeting, CDC introduced to UTZ Certified delegation about its establishment and development as well as achievements within 3 years in operation. CDC also presented the results achieved after receiving sponsor of UTZ Certified by The Information Portal supports Sustainable Agriculture Development: 65.317 times of access to the website, 3.956 times of the answer via the phone and email, 165 answers and 36 documents in writing, 8 documents in video uploaded in the website.
Mr. Bach Thanh Tuan – Director of CDC said: “To get these first successes, we sincerely thank for the big contribution on budget from UTZ Certified. This makes us eager and promote us continue to maintain the Information Portal and together with UTZ Certified create sustainable value on knowledge for farmer community in the Central Highlands in particular and for the whole country in general”.

Mr. Bạch Thanh Tuấn, Director of CDC, delivers a speech at the meeting
This intimate meeting makes UTZ Certified closer to CDC. In the meeting both sides share experience, knowledge and the common goals on sustainable community development. That facilitates improving ideas towards the prosperity for community.

TUTZ Certified give a souvenir to CDC

CDC wishes to cooperate and work with Organizations/ Individuals together create the true values for farmers.

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