Agricultue Competitiveness Project in Gia Lai (ACP Gia Lai) – Package CQS14-GL

Project "Building and transfering models of certified coffee production at dictrict of Chư Prông, Ia Grai and Đăk Đoa - Gia Lai province".

·         Time: From Dec 2012 to Dec 2013.
·         Location: District of Chư Prông, Ia Grai và Đăk Đoa - Gia Lai province.
·         Sponsored Unit: World Bank (WB).
·         Implementing Unit: Community Development Center (CDC).
·         General goal: Develop models of coffee production with certification to provide the sustainable and safe coffee product to maket, contributing to health protection for producers and consumers and environment protection.
·         Detail goals:
       - Assessing correctly the status and combining available document as well as good experiences in coffee production of province to make foundation to build coffee production with certification process.
       - Building and transfering model of coffee production with 4C certification in 9ha of 3 districts to aim:
      + Keeping stable productivity, product meets 4C standard, increasing effeciency economic up to 15%.

      + Result of models will be investigated and issued business license for coffee 4C to contribute to brand making for Gia Lai cofee in the future.
       - Step by step creating the linking between producers and consumber with involing of enterprises, cooperatives or organization.
       - Rasing awareness and skill on coffee production with certification, aims to changes the old habit of coffee farmers to help them applying and sustainably developing through training classes, visiting models.
Pictures of project activities:

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