Training teachers in Cocoa framework of the project

In order to prepare for extension staff and collaborators extension and technical staff of the cocoa companies in Dak Lak province, look forward to build a strong team of extension to transfer knowledge of cocoa to farmers, build the foundation for sustainable cocoa development in Vietnam.

Pictures in ceremony of the training course

August 2014, the Community Development Centre (CDC) in collaboration with the Project Management Unit "Enhancing cooperation for sustainable cocoa development in Vietnam" (referred to as PPP Cocoa, this project sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands, Rabobank Bank, Mars company, Cargill and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development of Vietnam) has successfully organized four training courses TOT cocoa with 80 participants Park in the province of Dak Lak. 


Students practice cutting on a cocoa farm 


At the training, participants will not only be trained in techniques canopy pruning, nutrient management for cocoa, but also are trained in skills training for older adults, the teaching methods are often used in training, .... In addition to classroom teaching, Community Development Center CDC also organized for students to practice cutting and diagnosis of plant pests in the garden. The majority of the training participants were shown an interest in the content of training, especially in the skill content.


Expected in the coming October, the CDC in collaboration with the PMU will continue organize four training class on content-related issues nutrient management, harvesting, primary processing, storage and Sports lecture to students participated in the training course.


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