Community Development Centre (CDC) deploys to train the capacity for extension staff and extension collaborators and core farmer group on sustainable coffee production in five Central Highlands provinces. The project "Sustainable coffee production with Certification in Highlands" , the National Extension Center is investor. The goal of the project is area of sustainable coffee production with certification expanding, the area commodity production forming, advanced science and technology applying to productivity , quality and cost-effectiveness.

In 5 months (6/2012 - 11/2012), CDC has organized 12 training classes (Lam Dong (3 classes), Dak Lak (2 classes), Dak Nong (3 classes), Gia Lai (2 classes ), Kon Tum (2 classes)) for extension staff and collaborators extension and core farmers in planting techniques, intensive care, harvesting, storage and coffee processing,labor safe and first aid, and 01 of 03 technical intensive process for sustainable coffee (standard: 4C, UTZ CERTIFIED, the Vietnamese Good Agricultural practice VietGap for coffee in Vietnam) . In every 4 days of training, the second day for theory, one day for practice in the garden and one day for sightseeing coffee production models with certification.
Learners are practicing in coffee garden
Ms. Pham Thi Hoa, Head of Science and Technology Transfer of Fisheries Extension and Extension of Kon Tum, said: "This is the first time we have been accessed to development programs for sustainable coffee in a basically, more intensive on voluntary sustainability standards applied to coffee. After this course, we will expand the program throughout the province to people in remote areas have the opportunity to access the progress of science techniques in the cultivation and care of coffee, to increase productivity, protect the environment. "
Besides, CDC experts have extensive experience of teaching and  guide participants in directly practice in the garden such as grafting techniques renovation, shaping, cutting, pest and disease diagnosis in coffee garden, identify the wrong types of  coffee and special precautions based on the calculating damage from picking the green fruit. The lecture content is practical, that helped learners supplementing the knowledge about sustainable coffee production and realistic view of this type of farming. Also, visiting the model has provided the student seeing the benefits and sustainability of the project, bringing the productivity and quality of product to farmers when cultivating towards sustainablity. Therefore, finishing the classes, learners get 100% complementary the professtional knowledge, 100% of learners achived good certification.
CDC Expers are teaching the theory about sustainable coffee production for learners

CDC experts are teaching the theory about sustainable coffee production for learners
Mr. Bach Thanh Tuan, Director of CDC, said "I am delighted and honored to be organization, having the trust from National  Agricultural Extension Center to assign to implement this project. It is also the orientation of CDC’s development to bring the knowledge on sustainable agriculture and expand the model of scientific techniques appying to cultivaton in 5 provinces in the Central Highlands in particular and the country in general. "

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