Representatives of SMUCKER Group visiting and working at Community Development Center.

In the Afternoon of September 17th 2014, Community Development Center ( CDC) was pleased to welcome the Presentatives of Smucker Group included: Mr Rob Lazaski - Chief Representaive of Smucker Group in Vietnam, Ms Angela Whitman – Project Manager, Mr Lê Đình Nghĩa - Project Assistant visiting and working at CDC.

Meeting between Smucker Group and CDC
The Representatives of Smuckers Group desired to get the information about the CDC such as: vision, mission, objective, activities and challedges that CDC support to farmers. As well as Smucker Group hope to have opportunity to cooperate with CDC in the near future. 
At the meeting, Mr Bach Thanh Tuan – Director of CDC introduced about two CDC, VSCB organizations and the Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development of CDC, about action way, free and chargeable services of CDC and VSCB. Especially, Mr Tuấn emphasized to the free support activities of Information Portal for farmers in particular and Agriculture producing farmer community in general.
Mr Tuan said: From the beginning up to now, CDC has supported to about 1.2  million farmers and over 100,000 visits to website: to documents download, updating for information, maket price and maket orientation base on assestment of experts and the sustainable standard certification UTZ,4C…
With criteria “ Connecting Knowledge, Serving Community”, CDC cooperated with many doners all over the world: WB, UNIDO, FAO, UN HABITAT, SOLIDARIDAD, ... in order to support Agriculture Production Community with the goal “ towards to prosperity for community”.Beside that, CDC start to implementing some chargeble training actvities for Enterprises on good agricultural practices:  GAP, 4C, UTZ Certified, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, ...;  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP/ISO 22000, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001,..... 

Representatives of Smuckers Group took photo with Leaders and Staff of CDC
About Smucker Group, Mr Rob Lazarski had high appriciated the achievements that CDC has gotten in recent years, and hope to have opportunity to cooperate with CDC to find out the most effective solution to help farmer increasing income, improving life condition. In conclusion, Mr Bach Thanh Tuan expressed the desire to cooperate with Smucker in sustainable agriculture program and hoped Smuker will be the potential partner of CDC in the future.

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