Closing program Training ToT for cocoa Trainee

In the framework of project “ Techinical Supporting for Sustainable Cocoa Development in Vietnam”, Community Development Center (CDC) cooperated with Project Management Unit to hold successfully 4 training classes on ToT cocoa trainee for extension staff, technical staff, companies, enterprises, clubs,cooperative groups in 3 provinces: Đăk Nông, Lâm Đồng và Bình Phước.

Cocoa Trainee Training program.
Through the time of implementation, project trained 4 classes for 72 learners who are entension staff, technical staff of Units specialize in cocoa sector in 3 provinces: Dak Nông, Lâm Đồng and Bình Phước. Project as well as composed the training document to train ToT cocoa for Trainees. The contents of training document include 2 parts: the first part is techniques on using training measures, question making skills, observation and listen skills, discussion controlling skills; the second part is planting, caring techniques for sustainable cocoa. This document will be shared to National Extension Center and Provincial Extension Center of cocoa planting to serve the training works at local.
Teachers, learners took photos after finishing training classes.
The learners appriciated the content and teaching methods of training as well as organizing works of PMU and CDC. Mr Nguyễn Đức Điền, Extension staff of Phú Văn Commune, Bù Gia Mập District, Bình Phước said: “I have participated in many cocoa workshops, held by many organizational units. However, I am very impressed by the content and teaching methods of the faculty in the project "Technical Supporting for sustainable cocoa development in Vietnam". Through this training, I have learned not only the technical knowledge of cocoa but also training skill. This helped me and other learners improving their extension cappacity. With the learned knowledge, I can confidently transfer  to farmers when returning to my place”
Nguyễn Thanh Tâm,
Deputy Director of Community Development Center,

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