“Information Portal” comes to farmers in DakNong Province
In the morning of October 18th 2013, at theHouse of Cultures in Dak Mil town, Dak Mil District, DakNong province, Community Development Center (CDC) cooperated with People’s Committee of Dak Mil district to celebrate successfully the introduction “Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Development” (in abbreviation “Information Portal”). Attending the introduction is the presence of the leaders of District People’s Committee, Agriculture Department in Dak Mil district and about 300 farmers and extension staffs in the region.

The Advisor and consultants introduce about "Information Portal"
The advisors and consultants of “Information Portal” answered directly all questions which farmers want to know and issues relating to coffee, cocoa, pepper cultivation and other crops. Majority of questions are around the issues such as: techniques of growing, taking care, fertilizing, pest prevention, replanting and developingsustainable agriculture. CDC’s experts also received and answered about more than 250 questions of farmers. Through this, it is showed that “Information Portal” program has met farmers’ need during their agricultural cultivation. This also proved that Vietnamese farmers have been eager to learnand ready to access new methods.

Farmers make question to advisors and consultants of CDC
Mr.Trương Văn Lập - Mỹ Yên hamlet, Đức Minh commune, Đăk Mil district said: “Actually, most coffee, cocoa farmers have not got well-known about techniques of taking care, finding out and treating pests and diseases as well as how to use appropriate pesticides. I have a coffee farm with 1,5 ha, in the recent years coffee leaves have often turned into yellow and grown weaker but I have not known the reason why. I have used some chemical pesticides but it have not been effectively. Today I come here and CDC’s expert explain the reason and instruct to me some measures to recover those status. In addition, through answers for other farmers I also get more useful knowledge which can be applied in my growing. I would like to thank the experts and the local authority for their facilitating to us to access the discussion like this”

Advisor answer farmers question

Mr.Lê Văn Điệp–Chief of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dak Mil district said: “This is the first time for farmers in this region to communicate directly with the leading experts on issues which they have met on their farms. This is an useful program. I believe that “Information Portal” is a connection channel between farmers and scientists, helps to answer, support and transfer technical science effectively. I will cooperate with CDC to extend this program in order to help more farmers to have chance to access the advanced technical science in their cultivation.”

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