CDC was in harmony with the etmosphere of the 4th Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival – 2013
From 9th – 13th March, 2013 Community Development Center (CDC) was in harmony with the animated atmosphere of the 4th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival and The Specialized Exhibition – Fair of Coffee in 2013. CDC in association with the sponsors Solidaridad and UTZ Certified to open a booth operated during the festival time


Farmers register to write the questions answered by professionals.


Our booth attracts more than 3.000 visitors, including many visitors are foreigners. All of them are interested in project “ Information Portal”Supporting Sustainable Agriculture” implemented by CDC and the sponsors Solidaridad and UTZ Certified.   This information channel which is established aims to not only help farmers exchange and update their knowledge about the advanced scientic techniques in agriculture, but also support, guide and response the questions on issues in production process of coffee and cocoa… Therefore, within 2 working-day of this festival CDC’s technical experts received hundreds of questions from farmers which related to techniques of planting and caring coffee and cocoa as well as sustainable development programs such as UTZ CERTIFIED, 4C Rainforest Alliance…

According to Mr. Pham Kim Cuong – Chief of LinkageTraining of CDC says “Farmers’ questions are issues concerned now and most of the questions focus on soil, nutrition, caring, pest managementon coffee and cocoa plantations”
The experts directly answer farmers’ questions.
Many farmers satisfied to the convincing answers from the experts of their coffee status and they were very pleased to get advice to handle and care their coffee plantations more scientifically.
Mr. Phan Văn Bào, farmer in EaKar district, Daklak province said that: “today I am very pleased to visit the festival and get the advice from the experts about how to prevent borer which my plantation is in trouble. The other questions of farmers on their coffee and cocoa plantations also help me more useful things which can be applied for my plantation. I had just done as the traditional ways before without any explanation. But now thanks to channel “Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture” I can freely answered about questions related to coffee production process.”
Mrs. Lê Hồng Vân, Chief Representative of  Solidaridad organization in Vietnam gave a gift for a farmer who has interesting question.

Although the program answering the questions for farmers had just been implemented within 2 days, but it showed us a part of needs on updating information, knowledge about scientific technical progress, as well as materials of voluntary sustainable standards are very big. Therefore, the cooperation and implementation of CDC and the sponsors Solidaridad and UTZ Certified the project “Information Portal Supporting Sustainable Agriculture” is very essential and timely to support farmers in process of coffee and cocoa production.
Farmers can receive information quickly and conveniently in sustainable agriculture in 2 ways as follows:
- Method 1: Via Hotline  (500) 3573388
From Monday to Saturday: Morning from 8:00 – 11:00, afternoon from 1:30 – 17:00
Especially: On Saturdays, the experts will directly answer on the phone from: 8:00 – 11:00
- Method 2: Access to the web: to freely download materials. 
Send questions via email:
We will send the answers to you within 48h after receiving the questions

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