Recently, November 28, 2013, Mr. Bach Thanh Tuan - Director, Center for Community Development attended the 2nd Forum on "Sustainable Cocoa Development in Vietnam - opportunities - challenges - solutions "DCP coordinated by the Center for Agriculture - Extension and the National coordinating Committee Cocoa Vietnam development organizations in the city. Ho Chi Minh City. Attending the forum were representatives of the leaders of departments of the Central Government such as the Department of Horticulture, Agricultural Extension Centre - Extension National Coordinating Committee to develop Cocoa Vietnam, ... and the organization, companies operating in the cocoa sector in the country.

The Forum participants
This forum focuses on assessing the status of cocoa production in Vietnam, the present analysis is, exists, limitations, opportunities, challenges, discuss and offer solutions for sustainable development of cocoa and recommendations proposed to the Ministry, the Central sector. This is the content for directing urgent cocoa sector in our country is still young.
At the Forum, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa - Deputy Director of Horticulture (MARD) said: "the years of cocoa production in the country has achieved some positive results, such as the area of ​​cocoa water has reached over 22 thousand hectares, estimated production of 6.7 thousand tons of dry seeds. In addition, the cocoa has been well nurtured yield 20-30 quintals dry seeds / ha for pure crop and 10-15 quintals dry fermented seeds / ha for intercropping”.

Farming Bureau representative spoke at the Forum
Today, cocoa is facing new opportunities as the demand of the world′s cocoa growing volume of supply has not met demand, especially cocoa quality in Asia.Vietnam is considered the country with strategic location in the region′s supply of cocoa. Therefore, the international community is actively supporting the production of quality cocoa. Countries with traditional African cocoa growing weaker, cocoa growing area of the region has decreased, .... Meanwhile, demand for cocoa in the world is increasing. As predicted by 2020, the world will fall about 1 million tons of cocoa.
Although cocoa has great potential, but the reality of Vietnam, cocoa crop is still new, less area, the average yield is low so not much production, supply of raw materials for manufacturers processing and export dried fermented cocoa beans with a modest amount, many technical issues in the planting, care, pre-processing, ... research is limited.The farmer was not lucky with this plant, still considered a sub-species, the forest intercropping in rubber, pepper, cashew, coconut, .... As reported by the Department of Horticulture, in total area is only about 30% are well cared for, have less care or no care.
Mr. Bach Thanh Tuan - Director of Community Development Center (CDC) said: "To meet the needs of farmers on issues related to the planting and care techniques cocoa, CDC has developed construction program "Support portal Sustainable agricultural Development" to address needs updating knowledge and information for farmers.This information channel launched aimed at providing writing materials, intuitive poster, video instructions detailed, easy to understand for people to update their knowledge quickly and most practical about her problems often encountered in the process cocoa cultivation by phone, email and / or to direct the CDC.The leading expert on agricultural CDC will help farmers get satisfactory answers to the problems people are facing. With the development of cocoa in the future, the main portal is the bridge between "3 state" in the cocoa sector: farmers and growers in the production area and in the region, farmers and scientists, farmers and enterprises and organizations in the country.
At the Forum, the Participants have contributed many practical ideas for cocoa production in our country today, and also the ministries and departments that provide funding functions in a satisfactory manner for the selected works, breeding and long-term orientation in the selection of the new varieties to cater for high-yield production, good quality, disease resistance and fruit rot mosquito bugs, ... the training investment to improve staff capacity in-depth research on cocoa strategic response to the cocoa sector development in the future.

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