What do we do?

CDC: Early July, 2011, a great pleasure touched on the door of our CDC. More exactly, after a long hard time on the community development route, we have opened the bright new doors in which we have been going along with Vietnamese community achieving new successes. We - CDC officially has become a member of THE 4C ASSOCIATION – The global association with membership numbers No. 50009.

The 4C Association is an international organization who constructs the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C). The Association currently has 127 members in a plenty of countries around the world and these members must commit to eliminated 10 of the activities such as use of the banned pesticides, destruction primary forests or other forms of natural resources, immoral transactions in business relations in according to international conventions, national laws ... in which of these members; 12 businesses are Vietnamese.

When not being a member of the 4C ASSOCIATION, CDC, we were alwaysso enthusiastic and find our heart to perform the objectives for the sustainable development of communities. Now, on being a member of the 4C ASSOCIATION with a great honor, more than over, we are aware of our responsibilities on the path towards "the environmentally socially economically sustainable coffee sector”.

In spite of not being one fully years old, our aspiration for the community development has given us a steady foundation to overcome difficulties in order tobest serve the community. Maybe, you have not known our CDC, and maybe there may be many more famous entities both in Vietnam and over the world than us butwe don’t try to find a way to be known well. We have kept ourselves quiet, persevering with the connection of knowledge values, ​​converting them into valued applications in the fields of management, economics, agriculture, forestry, human resource development for community services. Therefore, CDC‘s doors have been opened to welcome all you. Meanwhile, we never hesitate to go any places wherethe community request.
CDC - member of the 4C Association commit that we try our utmost for " Sustainable development coffe sector on social economic enviromental dimensions"