The Advisory Board


1/ Mr Trần Việt Hùng - Deputy Chairman of Central Highlands Steering Commitee
2/ Mr Phan Huy Thông - Doctor, Director of National Extension Center
3/ Mr Nguyễn Văn Lạng - Chairman of Việt Nam Information Sicence Technology Asociation
4/ Mr Phạm S - Vice Chairman of Lâm Đồng Provincal People′s Committee
5/ Mr Nguyễn Văn Hòa - Master, Vice Director of Department of Crop and Plant in the Southern Việt Nam
6/ Mr Lê Văn Đức - Doctor, Deputy Director of Department of Crop and Plant - MARD
7/ Mr Vũ Trọng Bình - Director General of Department of Local – Central Economic Board
8/ Mr Nguyễn Quang - Doctor, Director of UN HABITAT Vietnam
9/ Mr Vũ Ngọc Tiến - Doctor, Expert of UN HABITAT Vietnam
10/ Mr Nguyễn Anh Dũng - Doctor, President of Biology Institute and Enviroment Tay Nguyen
11/ Mr Nguyễn Văn Nam - Doctor, Vice - President of Biology Institute and Enviroment Tay Nguyen
12/ Mr Nguyễn Anh Tuấn - Doctor, Director of Việt Nam Productivity Institute
13/ Mr Huỳnh Quốc Thích - Vice Director of Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Dak Lak
14/ Mr Phạm Hồng Đức Phước - Doctor, Deputy Chief of Cocoa Development Coordinating Committee of Vietnam
15/ Mr Fancois Bouvery - Chief Representative of GroupSopex in Vietnam
16/ Mr Amarath Reddy - Senior Consultant of GCF - DANIDA Project
17/ Mr Bạch Thanh Tuấn - Director of Community Development Center
18/ Ms Lê Hồng Vân - Chief Representative of Solidaridad Organization
19/ Mr Nguyễn Văn Thiết - Chief Representative of UTZ Certified Organization
20/ Mr Đổ Ngọc Sỹ - Sourcing Manager Coffee, AP in Asia - Mondelez International/ Taloca
21/ Ms Phạm Tường Vinh - Chief Representation of Rainforest Alliance organization in Vietnam
22/ Mr Trần Ban Hùng - PSR Consultant “Liaison Officer” Fair-trade in Vietnam
23/ Mr Phạm Phú Ngọc - Head of Agriculture Department/ Brand Manager Nestle VN – The Central Highland Region, Việt Nam
24/ Mr Thái Doãn Tuấn - Chief Representation Walter Matter in Vietnam
25/ Mr Nguyễn Quang Phước - Consultant of GCF - DINIDA
26/ Mr Nguyễn Quang Bình - Expert of Agro – Products Market Analysis
27/ Mr Nguyễn Đức Tuấn Vinh - General Director of Nedcoffee Việt Nam Co., Ltd
28/ Ms Phạm Thanh Thủy - Chief Representative of Neumann Gruppe in Việt Nam
29/ Mr Ngô Xuân Nam - Vice General Dierector Of Intimex Joint Stock Corporation
30/ Ms Nguyễn Kha Thoa - Director of Agriculture Television Chanel VTC16
31/ Mr Phan Minh Thông - General Director of Phuc Sinh Corporation
32/ Mr Đinh Hải Lâm - Director of Vietnam Cocoa Development Program – MARS company
33/ Mr Trần Duy Khoa - Chief Representation of Action Aid in the Central Vietnam
34/ Ms Tống Thị Điệp - Chairman of Buon Ma Thuot Cooperative Association
35/ Mr Phạm Văn Quang - Director of Company
36/ Mr Nguyễn Vĩnh Thành - Cocoa Manager of Cargill in Việt Nam
37/ Mr Lê Quang Chiến - Master, Chief of Material Zone Development of Trung Nguyen Corporation
38/ Mr Nguyễn Xuân Lợi - Director of Development and Investment Joint Stock Company


1/ Mrs Đào Thị Lan Hoa - Master of the Western Highlands Agro-Forestry Scientific and Technical Institure
2/ Mr Phạm Văn Tám - Technical Assistant UTZ Certified in Vietnam
3/ Mr Nguyễn Bá Dũng - Expert – Advisor of Project of Sustainable Cocoa Development Program in Vietnam
4/ Mr Nguyễn Thanh Tâm - Vice Director of Community Development Center (CDC)
5/ Mr Huỳnh Ngọc Mỹ - Master,Head of Training Linkage of Community Development Center (CDC)
6/ Mr Phạm Kim Cương - Consultant Expert
7/ Ms Trần Thị Minh Giang - Consultant Expert
8/ Mrs Đoàn Đặng Thị Bảo Liên - Expert of Community Development Center (CDC)
9/ Ms Trần Thị Minh Châu - Expert of Community Development Center (CDC)
10/ Mr Y Nathan Niê Siêng - Project Management Expert of Community Development Center (CDC)