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(The Saigon times) - Almost human being are reconizing the changes of climate and weather compare with previous period.The increasing of natural disaster density, the destruction and the changes of human living.

Facing with nature, human thought that they can "treat" disaster. Many people believed that with the advancement of science and technology, mankind could "replace the universe", shot the iceberg, destroyed   storm by lauching rockets ... everyone can hear about it, but ultimately, verifiable results were pain, tears of the people in the disaster-plagued.

Still remember the mayor of a State in America cried before TV cameras when Hurricane Katrina storm destroyed the place he ruled. It showed that even the modern civilized countries, people could not limit the ruin of angry Natural Mother.

Facing disaster, the human being become passive; in business facing with sensitive weather, many businesses are commonly accepted, even have the endure attitude more than that.

When mentioning about climate warming and erratic, people offten heard about these phenomnons as melting ice, rising sea level, threatened polar bears  ..., but nothing sensitive to humanity by lossing relatives, money by the disaster. Because the more time, the warmer of the earth will affect the environment, business activities at different levels. Up to now, about  80 % of manufacturers say that business is affected.

Density disaster is repeated chorus. Expert Group studies climate changes (Groupe d′experts sur l′Evolution du Climat intergouvernemental - GIEC) had lastest report on March 31st, in which Jean-François SOUSSANA, author and editor at INRA (Institut national de la recherche agronomique) estimated that from now to 2030, wheat production in Europe will decline to 20%, while 14% should have increased every decade to meet the world′s needs because of growing population.

Not only destroyed agriculture but also other economic sectors. According to Jean-Louis Bertrand, a professor at Essca - research and development director at Meteo Protect, many industries operating in France influenced by climate. "From a few years ago, the world financial market created considerable pressure for business leaders and forced them completing  profit objectives and creating value  at all costs.

They had many lessons and understood the risks which their business facing.. .But until this current time the risks of climate apparently still is not on administrators’ screen  frequently".

Unless the energy and agriculture sectors, many people are aware that their business depends on weather, while others ignore it. According to Global Risks, "the meaning of risks’ management now a day aim to encourage investors to invest to infrastructure and economic centers to reduce environment damages in the future." Experts predict global temperatures from now until 2060 could rise by 4 degrees C, this would be a tornado warning, extreme droughts, floods …the more changes the bigger of lossing people and economic.

On this sistuation, the businesses have to canculate all elements can cause turnover disorder and can not ignore climate.

The risks are not only on major events. Th slight changes as wammer spring, cooler summer also affect turnover of drinhks industry, electric and heat…

Specialist: Nguyễn Quang Bình


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